A view of the new Apple TV remote control … or the optional remote control of operators

We’re talking more and more about the new Apple TV remote control, but what will it look like? Smarter people than 9to5Mac He got his hands on the first scene of what was billed as the codename of the “Apple TV Remote,” B519.

Siri remote, tvOS 14.5 in remote, universal electronics remote.

This model is very different from the Siri remote. It has more buttons (cashew, no Netflix or Apple TV + buttons to watch!) And also has a type of wheel with a central button referenced in the code for tvOS 14.5. Will we be entitled to iPod-type wheels? One of the quirks in this view is the presence of a button that is apparently used to switch from one channel to another, and is also the guide button, which does not correspond to anything in tvOS.

Unless it is the well-known alternative remote control that Apple and the operator are developing. A variant of the manufacturer’s button function successor, designed to work with TVOS and operator apps, which typically include a program guide and the ability to switch from one channel to another …

This optional remote control was described to us as a disc (not touch-sensitive), with the inclusion of the TV and Siri buttons, as well as a button in the center. Something that will be reflected a lot on the Universal Electronics signed on this model, which we mentioned existed last November (read: for Apple TV, Universal Electronics remote control compatible Siri).

To be completely honest, even though the contribution of the button and the more classic appearance of this mysterious remote control will be welcomed with great enthusiasm by everyone who has enough Siri remote control, it’s hard to imagine that Apple Going for it in such a boring design. but you never know.

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