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Niantic’s mobile video game Celebrates five years of its existence. Remember, the tidal wave in July 2016 pokemon go It has millions of users around the world. A simple principle of capturing Pokémon in augmented reality with a smartphone makes the game instantly addicting and therefore essential. Players can roam the streets of the world to capture, trade, and battle the most insane creatures of Nintendo’s famous license. In a way, a dream comes true.

Thanks to the geolocation functions of cameras and smartphones with augmented reality technology, budding trainers no longer work in a fictional universe, but in their real environment (home, park, street, etc.). It is therefore difficult to fully enjoy the game with some repeated confinement and the sudden global pandemic that has slowed many fans of the theory. Despite this, mobile gaming has managed to garner a large community. Actually, according to sensor towerThe video game has been downloaded at least 632 million times, including 487 million via the Google Play platform.

A spectacular performance that has brought Niantic five billion dollars, or one billion dollars per year, since the game’s launch in 2016. In an idea to unionize its much larger community, the US publisher has decided to hold Pokémon Go Fest – an online payment event established since 2017 – over two days on July 17th and 18th.

Pokemon Go Fest: A Unique Experience

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Nintendo’s license, but to celebrate the fifth anniversary pokemon goGo Fest 2021 will take place on 17th and 18th July. A unique event that brings together fans of small (and large) creatures from the universe of Pokémon License creator Satoshi Tajiri. aim ? Explore new environments (forest, mountain desert, beach and cave) and new features that will enrich the gaming experience. Count 5.49e to collect your tickets and thus participate in this event which is shaping up to be very successful.

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