A two-week lockdown could prevent thousands of deaths by Christmas, scientists say UK News

Thousands of coronaviruses could be saved from death if a two-week ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown is imposed in the half-term, say two government scientific advisers.

Graham Medley, a member of the scientific epidemiological influenza group on modeling and a scientific consultant for the Emergency (SAG), said between 3,000 and 107,000 deaths could be avoided by January.

They told the Financial Times that they would publish a joint journal on Wednesday modeling the effects of a brief lockdown between October 24 and November.

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Starmer calls for a ‘circuit break’ in England

In a report released by SAJ on Monday, scientists suggested an instantaneous circuit breaker lockdown to cut off coronavirus three weeks ago.

Labor leader Sir Care Starmer Later, in a televised address, a circuit breaker called for a lockdown, saying it was clear the government was no longer following science.

He warned that “another course is needed” because the government’s coronavirus plan is “simply not working”.

Cases have been growing rapidly across the UK in recent weeks, while the Medical Director of Public Health England, Dr. In Avon, Doyle called the coronavirus-related death trend “related.”

Professor Medley and Professor Killing’s research paper predicts that a two-week lockdown could prevent 5,000 to 140,000 hospital admissions by January.

The report, submitted for review by critics, said the lockdown could “limit economic losses” as industries such as the hospitality sector were already struggling in the short term.

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Professors can reasonably give a brief lockdown to the government to work on other measures to control the epidemic.

Although the scientists focused their report on the school half-term in October, “the same argument would apply to the Christmas holidays. Or the spring half-term.”

The government has been sharply criticized for its decision to set up a three-tier lockdown system instead of taking drastic measures like a circuit breaker.

SEJ member Professor Cath Knox posted a cartoon on Twitter showing him joking about the leaders’ reaction to the growing number.

Downing Street defended its decision, saying scientists should also consider the economic impact and the harm of restrictions on consent.

A spokesman for the prime minister said: “The government seeks advice from a wide range of scientists and economists, but in the end it is up to the ministers to decide.”

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