A trail of supernatural life?

In 2017 before leaving, he contacted our planets. This “interstellar visitor” is the first object to come beyond our solar system. Astronomers in Hawaii (United States) named it Oumuamua, “Scout”, in the Maori language. According to Avi Loeb, director of the Harvard Astronomy Department and author The first sign of intelligent supernatural life, This is probably the first sign of the messenger Supernatural Civilization.

Oumuamua Exposure to the sun changed direction abnormally. The comet may change course when the ice is melted by removing the gas; However, no trace was found on this interstellar visitor. But for other astronomers, the mystery is not necessarily a supernatural vessel.

As an astronomer, he prefers to present a text in humility: Our universe has galaxies like the Milky Way, which are all combined. The universe has more planets and solar systems on our Earth than snowflakes. This should teach us a little humility. We are probably common, common, and probably not the smartest in the neighborhood“. Oumuamua will also be a warning to humanity: Avi Loeb believes it may be a wreck of a ship or wreck, a relic of an extinct civilization.


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