A terrible time to be unemployed. These people still chose to be fired

A terrible time to be unemployed. Even with a better than expected June business report On Monday, the unemployment rate is still 11% and 17.8 million people are unemployed and looking for work. Most of the 4.8 million jobs added last month were recalled to the jobs they lost without pandemic locking – not people finding new positions. In April there were 5 million job postings, the most recent available, almost not enough to walk around for anyone looking for a job.
But 61-year-old Stinnett, Buy The company, sword (Saber)Manages reservations and software for the country’s travel industry.

“I love working. I love working for Saber,” said Stinnett, who is a manager at the company’s billing department. “When we look at our business, we bill based on reservations made from airlines, hotels, cruise lines. All of our customers were shot. The income stream dried up. I saw the handwriting on the wall with this information.”

Stinnett’s situation is not unique. 4,500 employees so far American Airlines (AAL) mostly agreed to leave the company for early retirement. So there is 5,500 employees -most Boeing (BA).
Delta (BRANCH) In a note to staff, CEO Ed Bastian said that 90,000 employees “bought” thousands. The offer is open for two more weeks and similar offers are valid for many airlines and other travel companies.

Many non-travel companies offer purchasing offers to cut staff and adapt to a new market reality, including TIAA, Kickstarter and the Florida hospital system Lee Health.

Stinnett, who lives and works in suburban Dallas, said he thinks there will be involuntary layoffs and that they cannot get the same package they can get. So the decision to retire was not completely voluntary.

Wendell Stinnett received a purchase from Saber, although he preferred to continue working.

“If the company had financial stability right now, I would continue to work there.” Said. “But I think the decision to take a voluntary retirement program is my best choice.”

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Stinnett plans to change retirement plans, reduce some important expenses in the home budget, including a healthcare assistant who helps take care of his wife, and take over these tasks himself.

“If I were in the late 40s or early 50s, I would be very nervous,” he said. “I saw the team members in this position, they both chose not to do and roll the dice.”

To dice

However, some retirement workers are willing to receive similar offers from their companies.

A Delta customer service employee who spoke to CNN on the condition that his name was not used, received an airline purchase offer even though he was only 50 years old. He said he took advantage of the fact that he had significant savings before starting work. Five years ago for Delta, and his wife still has a good job.

He is satisfied with the offer, which he says will pay him 15 weeks, one-year health insurance and 11-year travel benefits on the airline.

The US economy created 4.8 million jobs in June. But this is not the whole story

The Delta employee said he agreed to receive nine months of unpaid leave from the company earlier this year because he could maintain his advantages, such as insurance and free travel.

“I’m lucky, I was able to work almost exclusively for Delta for flight benefits,” he said.

However, he was called back to work early, as the flow of calls from customers canceled some summer flights and asked about the status of refunds. While staying in the company, he did not anticipate good long-term prospects.

“There are probably 2,000 people in terms of seniority, but I do not feel comfortable with it at all,” he said. “I love Delta. If I believe I can survive, I’d probably stick. But I’ll get the quote I know instead of rolling the dice into something not so generous.”

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However, he said that many of his colleagues are not as lucky as they are and cannot afford to lose their jobs. So they will continue to wait for the best.

“The more generous the offer, the more they don’t have that option,” he said. “It’s a job that pays $ 18 an hour that doesn’t require university education. They know they can’t replace it. They say,” I can’t run this money on Chipotle. “

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