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The situation in Britain suddenly became acute. Indeed, a new strain of coronavirus has been discovered, the strain considered to be much more contagious than those known until then. In fact, many countries have decided to react, most notably to the Netherlands where flights from England have been canceled.

According to some experts, including scientific advisors to the British government, Patrick valens, This strain appeared in September and is believed to be responsible for a dramatic increase in the number of positive cases, whether in England or the rest of Europe. Chris whitty, The chief medical officer in England, for his part speculated that this new strain could quickly become the main stressor.

Britain’s government confirmed the bad news

Facing the urgency of the situation, the British government decided to react. In fact, the city of London as well as the south of England is now captive, the third since the onset of the epidemic. At this time, there is no indication that this strain is more fatal than others. Nevertheless, transmission is between 40 and 70% faster. Bad news, because the world is still waiting for mass vaccination.

Europe is monitoring the situation very closely

Facing the risks, the Dutch government has decided to suspend, this Sunday, all passenger flights coming directly from the United Kingdom. A measure that Germany is also considering taking, adding that South Africa may also be on this list. Finally, Belgium has decided to suspend air and rail links. France has still not taken any action, but confirms that it is monitoring the situation very closely.

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