A superbly illustrated book about the life of the Queen: Permit, Your Majesty! – Panorama

Here is the Queen’s photo taken by Harry Benson for the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. In our photo gallery you can see pictures of an eventful life. Photo: Harry Benson / Taschen Verlag

In keeping with the new season of “The Crown”: a brilliantly illustrated book depicting the public and private life of the world’s most famous emperor. May I speak to Elizabeth II, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the Queen of Northern Ireland.

Stuttgart – The fourth season of the Netflix series “The Crown” about Queen Elizabeth II begins on November 15. Impressive life can also be depicted in the new edition of a brilliantly illustrated book: the piece is about 400 pages long and weighs three kilos. . It is good for many hours of enjoyment and amazing entertainment. The photographer roster is a celebrity (including Harry Benson, Nick Knight, Patrick Litchfield, Joseph Rain and Brian Adams). Elizabeth was born in 1926, in 1952, ascended the throne of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. His personal secretary said in 1977 that he was in a “love affair with his country”.

Best question: is jewelry real?

The photographs are inventions, visual spotlights and staged pictures of a long, eventful life. You can see the excited little princess as she was allowed some stop to the metro. A massive look at the TV address after the death of Princess Diana. Festive woman with a diamond education, businesswoman traveling on board, a headscarf (he always goes without a helmet) riding with the Balmoral of Scotland to read the newspaper and of course the animal fleet to read the air fleet. Goes into The cover is decorated with an iconic portrait of David Bailey from 2014. Rani stares into the camera very warmly. Reason: The photographer made him laugh by asking if his jewelry was real.

Info: His Excellency A Photographic History 1926-Today. Taschen Verlag. Reul Golden, Christopher Warwick hardcover, 368 ctane, 50 euros.

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