A strange streak of light was seen in the sky on Sunday evening

Witnesses were able to see a dotted bright mark in the sky during the night of Sunday to Monday.

Could we see a mysterious extraterrestrial sign on the night of Sunday through Monday? Several witnesses were able to immortalize a peculiar luminous mark in the sky between 15 and 16 May, as related to a witness video sent to BFMTV.

A dazzling phenomenon was observed in the sky of Orleans (Loiret) this Sunday evening.
A dazzling phenomenon was seen in the sky of Orleans (Loiret) this Sunday evening © Credit: Nathan Goefert / BFMTV Witness

A phenomenon composed of many shining points, and which has aroused the curiosity of many Frenchmen from Haute-Savoie to the north via the Laureate. Ouest France also raises the question of a resident of Maine-et-Loire, who may have seen the famous luminous trail around 11:15 p.m. on Sunday, and who may have seen “a train of satellites” there.

space x satellite

And he might be right. Because according to the regional daily, it’s actually Elon Musk and his company Space X who are behind it all. Through his Starlink project, the entrepreneur, which recently kicked off its acquisition on Twitter, is trying to send thousands of mini-satellites into space to provide a massive Internet network.

A trail of light also seen in Waterlos (North)
The light mark was also seen in Waterlos (North) © Credit: Florian Kern / Witness BFMTV

So this trail of lights could be analogous to a train of SpaceX satellites. Similar phenomenon was observed Toulouse in the sky in April 2020And the regional press immortalized the same kind of light path in 2021 in Nord-Isrea,

This weekend, the US company announced the launch of 53 satellites into space. Satellites that could therefore be well seen as far as France.

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