A spaceport will be built in the North Sea

future rocket launch site SaxaVord Approval has been given to start construction. It will host multiple launch pads for start-ups running micro-rockets from the end of 2022 as per schedule.

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Northern Europe brings together several spaceport projects that can accommodate flights small launcher The orbitals are few in Norway (Endoya Space Center), in Sweden (Esrange Space Centerin Kiruna), one in Scotland, in the Highlands (Sutherland Spaceport), And finally SaxaVord In Shetland Islands, The latter would be installed on Unst Island, a former Royal Air Force base in which a radar was housed.

On 28 February, Shetland Islands Council gave his consent to start construction. However, Scottish ministers may still decide to suspend it until the end of the month, but that is less likely.

The spaceport will make it possible for shots destined for polar orbit, and more precisely for heliosynchronous orbit (SSO). The latter has a plane that always has the same inclination with respect to the Sun. it allows Satellite Which uses it to pass through a specific point on Earth at the same solar time. This type of orbit is highly demanded for terrestrial imaging satellites and is easy to use with high latitudes,

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small rocket including a French

SaxaVord will host multiple start up There are already locals with Skyrora, a Scottish company developing a small reusable launcher and launching from New Space. using biofuels, The spaceport will also host the launch pad for a small American rocket called the RS1 from start-up ABL Space Systems, as part of an agreement with industrial giant Lockheed Martin.

The latest arrival is French start-up Venture Orbital Systems based in Reims. It will likely be the first company to make an orbital flight with the first 100% private French rocket, named Zephyr. For now, the micro-launcher is under development. Zephyr will be 15 meters high and will be capable of carrying up to 80 kg payload in low orbit. Venture Orbital has announced that it will be inaugurated at SaxaVord in 2024 and plans to launch about fifteen by 2026.

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