A Republican senator would stand in the way of authenticating Biden’s victory. What result?

Several Republican elected officials in the House of Representatives controlled by Democrats have already announced that they intended to object to the certification of Joe Biden’s victory fought by Donald Trump. But Senator Josh Hawley is the first to say so in the Republican-dominated Upper House.

In the United States, the tenant of the White House is elected by indirect universal suffrage, and the electorate approved the victory of Joe Biden on 14 December. The 78-year-old Democrat won 306 voters against 232 of Donald Trump.

The House and Senate are scheduled to meet on January 6 to certify these results. This process is usually a formality.

But Donald Trump still refuses to recognize his defeat and has filed dozens of legal appeals with his aides, which were rejected by the courts for lack of sufficient evidence.

The outgoing president is very popular with Republican voters and many big names of the Grand Old Party are following him in this challenge. Among them, the young senator Josh Hawley approached 40 as the presidential candidate in 2024.

“At the very least, Congress should investigate allegations of electoral fraud and adopt measures to guarantee the integrity of our elections,” he wrote in a statement that he would object to the certification of results.

In contrast, this objection would provoke a debate and a vote in the Senate, forcing Republicans to publicly pronounce on Joe Biden’s election. This will not stop Democrats from being certified winners in the end.

When asked about this objection, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was convinced: “I have no doubt that next Wednesday (…), Joe Biden will be confirmed, by certification of the electoral vote, to the United States.” As the 46th president of K, he made the announcement at a press conference.

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Democrats won a record 81.28 million votes or 51.3% of the vote, compared to Donald Trump’s 74.22 million (46.8%).

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