A remote island is in search of a bar owner and… a king

Isle of Peel, UK, is hiring a very special manager for their Ship In pub.

TeaE means are good to attract the candidates. Indeed, on paper, living conditions on Peel Island seem alarming: isolation, loneliness, moody weather? Officials in this subtle British Isles are offered a strange job to recruit a new manager of the Ship Inn Pub: will the selected candidate become? King !

According to Guardian, which resonates international mail, the sarpanch elected to this position would have to honor a very special ceremony: as an emperor seated on his “throne”, he would be sprinkled with buckets of beer. His mission, if he accepts it, will be to manage the island pub, which is more than 200 years old, but also to monitor the local fauna and maintain the ruins of a 14th-century castle.I To build relationships with tourists transported by Shatabdi and ferry. A management contract stipulated for a period of ten years from the start of the tourist season the following April.

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Rise to the throne next March

Located 100 kilometers northwest of Manchester, Peel Island is just 560 meters long and 260 meters wide. A pebble in the English territory of Cumbria is inhabited by only ten islanders throughout the year. After nominations close, the name of the new king-owner of the pub will be revealed in January, before the symbolic rise to the throne in March.

The claimant for the title of king will have to show the white paw […] read more

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