A Rejuvenation Group for a July Tour

Zapping Fifteen Worlds Six Nations Tournament: Winners Under the Microscope

Canada will travel to the UK in July to play two games, one against the Welsh in Cardiff on 3 July and the other against England’s Eddie Jones on 10 July.

The group, announced by Canadian coach Kingsley Jones, is primarily made up of players playing in the Major League as twenty-five of them are from that league. The most represented club on this list and the Toronto Arrows club with nine players on the counter. Note that only one player is selected from the French Championship, this being the scrum half of Stade-Fran├žais, Ville Persilier. Other French Canadians were not selected (Tyler Ardron, Matt Tierney, Tyler Duguid or Evan Olmsted).

list of canada

ahead: Albornoz, Murray (Houston Sabercastles), DeWitt (RC National Development Academy), Heaton, Keys (rugby ATL), Howard (Nola Gould), Ilnicki, Sears-Duru (Seattle Seahawks), Keith, Quattrin, Roland, Rumble (Toronto Arrows) ), Larson (New England Free Jack), O’Gorman (Austin Gilgronis), Smith (San Diego Legion).

Rear: Brad, Lesage, Jones, Kelly, Parfrey (Toronto Arrows), Davis (Austin Gilgronis), Powie (Houston Sabercats), Fraser (Old Glory DC), Hearst (Utah Warriors), Kratz (Nola Gould), Lloyd, Olsen (RC) National Academy of Development), Nelson (Mont de Maison), Ngavati (rugby United New York), Persilier (Stade Franck)

Back to the game for Canada.

Kingsley Jones’ men travel to the UK to face England as well as Wales in July. Note that Stade French player Ville Persilier has been selected.

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