A quest 2 is in preparation!

Search: Missing One was a feature film that made its mark in 2018 through its unprecedented use of social networks to cleverly present a breathless disappearing thriller by an effective script. filmAneesh Chowringhee Horror rode on graphic proposal of film Unaccompanied, Where the viewer can only experience what was happening in the story through a computer screen. Significant breakthrough in addition (Positive review for 92% of rotten tomatoes) And financial ($ 75 million in international income for a budget of $ 880,000), Searching There will be a second film which may go into production soon.

A recent report by time limit Reveals that a sequel may go into production, but it has nothing to do with the story of the first ops as it will offer completely different characters. The feature film will be assigned to the director duo Will Marrick at Nick Johnson Who will make his debut in the world of direction. The director Timur Beckmanbetov (Ben-Hur, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunters) Will produce the film.

“With such restrictive scene settings, a new visual style is required to distinguish a film like Search 2 from the original” Aneesh Chowrangi said in a statement. “I have contributed to this growing sub-genre. But if there is someone on the planet who has the ability to go even further, it is Nick and Will, who were there from the beginning. “

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