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The latest image of Sarah Everard captured in a CCTV camera on a south London suburban street. March 3 at 9:30 p.m. And the 33-year-old woman talks on her cell phone, wearing a green jacket and pink mask on her face. Nothing has been heard of him since. Last night, authorities investigating his disappearance reported that he had found human remains, yet in a forest in Ashford, Kent.

But before that, there was another twist yesterday: the Scotland Yard agent, assigned to the diplomatic corps of Westminster and the security service of politicians, Deal was arrested for murder, A picturesque village on the Kent coast. And forensic teams are searching around, searching for Sarah’s corpse.

The fact that the person arrested is a policeman – a Scotland Yard officer participating in the investigation – is shocking and deeply disturbing. Doubtful Wayne Coupens, 49, a former mechanic father of two Those who joined the police about ten years ago after working long hours in the family workshop: His wife was taken into custody with him, Is considered his partner.

Sara left at a friend’s house at nine in the evening and went home alone in Brixton: a 50-minute walk. The woman went from the park to Clapham Common and He talked on the phone for about fifteen minutes With her boyfriend: Again, nothing more.

His disappearance attracted the attention of the British media and public. Posters with her photo appeared on the streets and descriptions of the clothes she was wearing that evening appeared in newspapers, in the hope that someone might help her find it. But expectations are low from the police’s decision on the allegations of murder of the police. Last night, the discovery of the body was centered in a forest near Deal and an abandoned amusement park in the area. It was also sent through Couzens’ home, as was the policeman’s personal locker in the Westminster Parliament. However, the suspect was not on duty at the time of the woman’s disappearance.

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Sara moved to London 12 years ago and worked in marketing after graduating in geography from Durham University, one of the most prestigious English universities. Last night his parents (his father is a university lecturer) They came to the capital from York, where they live.I can only imagine the pain that is happening through his family and friends, London Mayor Sadiq Khan said. All women should feel safe on the streets of London at all times and I know how worried Londoners are about Sarah’s disappearance.

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