A Pokémon card sold for over 250,000 euros

A Charizard holographic card has been sold at auction for more than € 255,000 ($ 311,800).

Twenty-five years after their launch, Pokémon cards are still very popular today, even though they no longer do business in the playground. These days, Pokémon cards are especially popular with collectors who don’t hesitate to fork out crazy sums to get their hands on rare cards.

The recent sale of a Charizard holographic card is evidence of this. After 124 auctions, it was auctioned on eBay for a nominal sum of $ 311,800. A particularly large amount which is explained by the rarity of the object.

The card was released in 1999 and was one of the happiest people in the base set of Pokémon cards at the time. Also, due to the absence of shadow at the level of Charizard’s frame, we know that it comes from the first edition print which makes it a particularly rare item. And the best part is that the menu is in impeccable condition despite its great age. It received a rating of “practically perfect” from the professional sports certified collectible card ranking service. In short, it is one of the world’s rarest and most ancient Pokemon cards.

And if the amount given to acquire it is too large, it is not a record. Two Pokemon cards of similar rankings have actually sold for $ 350,100 and $ 369,000. But the latter are exceptional cases. Pokémon cards are auctioned regularly, which are sold for small amounts.

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