A piece of cardboard is enough to repair a Nintendo Switch controller

Is your Nintendo Switch a victim of Joy-Con drift? If you’re not left with this problem, the YouTuber has found a simple solution to fix Nintendo Switch controllers. A small piece of cardboard inside the controller does the trick.

joy-con drift Arguably one of the most annoying and common problems with the Nintendo Switch. Several gamers have already complained about the controller issue on their hybrid consoles. So much so that some of them are suing Nintendo like the 9-year-old and his mother who filed a complaint last year.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con – Credits: Sarah Kurfe / Unsplash

As a reminder, the Joy-Con names the Drift a movement of a joystick that is recorded by a joystick. It will then appear on the screen even if you haven’t touched the joystick. This problem has plagued the Nintendo Switch for many years and the Japanese company still hasn’t offered a fix. In addition, Valve wants to avoid joystick drift on the Steam Deck at all costs, its new portable console that seeks to compete with the Nintendo Switch.

A piece of cardboard will “permanently” fix the Joy-Con Drift

There are countless Joy-Con Drift videos featuring various solutions available online. However, the video shared by youtubeur ” VK channel “Present” one of the simplest solutions To repair the controller, if not the easiest.

YouTuber noticed that implementing Joy-Con Drift can be avoided pressure around analog stick. As you can see in the video below, pressing the Joy-Con immediately cancels the joystick flow. So the YouTuber had a simple idea, but effective. He opened the Joy-Con to placea very thin piece of cardboard Under the location of the analog stick. Hence the cardboard rests directly on the metal plate which records the movements of the joystick.

The drift is “permanently” repaired according to youtubeur, thanks to the pressure exerted by the cardboard. He also specifies that this solution should be work for switch light. In fact, it hasn’t avoided the drift problem because it’s even part of a class action against Nintendo in the United States. However, the Joy-Cons are not removable on the Nintendo Switch Lite, so the piece of cardboard solution is more complicated to implement.

Lastly, don’t forget that you automatically lose the warranty if you open your Joy-Con at home. If you have problems with the Joy-Con drift and you are still under warranty, Nintendo repairs your controller for free.

Source: ComicBook

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