A new version with mutated mutations discovered in Britain

By Anthony Detector

British researchers have found a new version of coronavirus that should be specifically monitored. Unlike the British version, it has a mutation that can make it more contagious but also resistant to vaccines.

After the British version and its South African and Brazilian counterparts, a new mutation of coronavirus has just been identified. While there are actually many versions, Take a closer look Just like all three mentioned above, if not more.

A specific mutation in a spike protein

British researchers have discovered that the first case of this new version, Called B1525, Until December 2020. Since then, 39 cases have been found in the United Kingdom and 35 in Denmark. Already, 29 cases in Nigeria, 10 in the United States, 2 in Australia … Thirteen countries are affected by 5 cases including France. But these numbers are far below reality and are constantly changing. You can find up-to-date figures in this report from the University of Edinburgh.

Scientists want to worry because B1525 has Multiple mutations including E484K. It is a mutation in the spike protein, which is found on South African and Brazilian viruses. Thus it allows the coronavirus to penetrate better and therefore infects cells. But this will also affect the effectiveness of some vaccines. Other mutations, Q677H and F888L, have been reported, the specific effects of which are not yet known.

Virus originating in Nigeria?

While the virus was first detected in Britain in mid-December, it does not mean where the mutation originated. These “previously infected” are associated with Nigeria, Where a case was discovered in late December and where an analysis of 12 of the first 51 samples revealed the presence of this new variant. For now, it is difficult to know where this mutation originated and in which country the infection subsequently occurred.

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Therefore we should closely monitor this version without panic. Especially since multiplication of variants for several months, some of which have E484K mutations, The laboratories are already working on a new vaccine formula. It should be as effective as possible, regardless of whether the target virus is mutated or not.

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