A new scientific discovery provides an insight for the first time on the emergence of life on Earth • Al Marsad newspaper

Al-Masad newspaper: Scientific reports recently said that chemists at the American “Scripps” Center have arrived at a new notion of how life was born on planet Earth, paving the way for more accurate information in the near future .

And the study published in the newspaper “Angwandete Chemie” suggested that the element di-ammonium, a component found on Earth before the emergence of life, according to Sky News, called small units of DNA known as “dioxy oxyclosides” goes.

Following the chemical bonding process, known in the scientific community as primitive DNA, or an early form of DNA, has emerged on Earth.

The discovery is one of several similar discoveries in recent years, amid increasing indications that DNA and the chemically closest element, “RNA”, have emerged together as secretions of similar chemical reactions.

This scientific conclusion means that the molecules that work for self-replication, which is the first formula of life on Earth, were a mixture of both, ie DNA and RNA.

Researchers believe that this important scientific discovery may lead to the emergence of new practical applications in the fields of chemistry and biology, but the most important issue is that it presents a picture about the emergence of life on Earth.

A researcher professor of chemistry at the “Scripps” center said: This scientific conclusion would dispel an idea disseminated during the last decades, that the first process of replication or reproduction in molecules was initiated from RNA, while DNA appeared and The latter was generated by relying on the latter. Life forms exist thanks to RNA.

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