A new game inspired by Among Us?

This year, fans of the Resident Evil saga were able to celebrate 25 years of the franchise with Village, a new feature that allowed players to continue Ethan’s adventures. Capcom has also announced the arrival of the famous RE:Verse, the online platform for the Resident Evil saga, which will bring together all the experience and history of the license in multiplayer.

What if Resident Evil Apocalypse were added to all this? According to early rumours, it could be a new single player game, largely inspired by The Among Us.

Fraud? It’s zombie!

In recent hours, an interesting image (see below) has begun to circulate on several video game forums. On the latter, we can discover a certain Resident Evil apocalypse, which is clearly in development. It will be a new third-person survival horror game that will be described as the “final chapter in the story” of an iconic character from the saga. It will be a title that links Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil: Outbreak Files 2.

Also according to the information in this image, we can read that Resident Evil Apocalypse will test players’ intuition to find out: “Who are your friends or enemies”. The game will have an “innovative belief system”. According to the first rumours, the purpose of this opus will be to find biological weapons. Of course, cheaters are on your team. These are mechanics that essentially remind us of the games Among Us or First Class Trouble (much inspired by the ones among us themselves).

It remains to be seen how Capcom intends to adapt the Formula Among Us to a single player game. The game environment should be in a ghost town, close to dark forests, to keep the player in a state of tension and deep fear. With this new creation, we should face the return of several cult creatures from the Resident Evil saga such as Wendigo or Goatman / Chupacabra.

resident evil apocalypse

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According to preliminary information, this new installment in the Resident Evil saga is expected for 2024. Currently, some beta testers are testing these new gameplay mechanics. The project will only be in the initial stage of its development.

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