A new folding smartphone prototype was seen in transport

A foldable smartphone concept from Xiaomi is seen on screen, with use in public transport. The device under consideration approaches the design of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2.

Xiaomi is working on the design of at least one folding smartphone. It is no secret that the brand itself has sporadically communicated on the subject. It is therefore only a surprise to learn that a prototype of the brand has been spotted and photographed for use in public transport. Images posted on Weibo – the post has since been removed – actually show a device similar to the design of the Samsung Galaxy Galaxy Fold 2.

The foldable smartphone, however, falls under MIUI 12. The photographs in question specifically highlight the fold in the middle of the panel, leaving no doubt that the way the prototype stops accumulating in the pocket. Compared to the first concept unveiled by Xiaomi, the design change is quite obvious. In fact, in January 2019, the brand published a demonstration video showing a double foldable device … but we haven’t heard much about it.

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The photos we are interested in today prove that Xiaomi is making good progress on this new format, even though we imagine that there are still many modifications to be made before a potential product ready for marketing. Will we officially see this folding smartphone in 2021? Currently, nothing allows us to say so.

Especially since Producer of the Year can be poisoned by Donald Trump. The outgoing president of the United States has actually blacklisted Xiaomi, but the results should be less painful for Huawei.

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