A new competitor to Netflix will land in Europe in 2022

Launched in the United States in 2021, the Paramount+ streaming platform will be deployed in Europe in 2022.

Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+ will soon have to count with a new competitor on European soil. Paramount has just announced that it will launch its Paramount+ video streaming platform in Europe in 2022.

Paramount+ will initially be available in only a few countries. UK, Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland, to be more precise. However, it should be deployed in other European regions later. Like its rival Warner Bros., Paramount has chosen to deploy in waves. We remember that Warner Bros. announced the arrival of its HBO Max service in several European markets. The American cinema giant had made the curious choice of betting on countries in Eastern Europe. Paramount’s approach will be quite different.

Available in the United States, the service has experienced fairly mixed success so far. The poverty of its list certainly affects the statistics. However, Paramount is relying on a number of specifications to grow its customers with new movies and series that will be featured on the platform every month. In the United States, Paramount has exclusivity on several major franchises, including Mission: Impossible. Many feature films are also released in theaters and platforms simultaneously, such as A Quiet Place 2 or Snake Eyes. Finally, in the United States, the company relies heavily on sports content to stand out, with NFL matches, the World Golf Championships, the Champions League, and the Europa League.

The service’s headliner in 2022 will be a “Halo” event series based on Microsoft’s hit game. The series has enjoyed a huge budget and is seen as the most ambitious project on the stage.

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Normally, Viacom, the owner of the Paramount brand, would not disclose its plans for deployment in other countries until the service was rolled out in those markets.

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