A new Cloverfield film in development


Writer Joe Barton, known for the Giri / Haji series, was hired by JJ Abrams to write a sequel to Cloverfield. At the same time, he is working on the spin-off series of The Batman.

Joe Barton

Joe Barton

Cloverfield There is definitely a license that is not lacking in surprises. He seems reborn regularly, always unexpectedly. Created by JJ Abrams in 2008, Opus benefited from an innovative campaign using viral marketing on the Internet. Upon arrival, the public and critics were not disappointed. Cloverfield There was a tribute to the Japanese giant monster films and HP Lovecraft.

They made this process up to date Visuals, In which the public is convinced that they are viewing images already filmed by a character in the story. In other words, it is a subjective camera erased by the characters within the narrative. This beauty, along with flickering pictures, immersed the audience in the skin of a group of young people, trying to escape the chaos of New York ravaged by a giant creature.

With a budget of $ 25 million, Cloverfield Received more than $ 172 million in worldwide revenue. Director Matt Reeves’ career got off to a good start with this essay. We own two parts of the new version of Planet of the Apes, Conflict and Supremacy in capturing the performance. Today, he is expected to reboot The Batman with Robert Pattinson.

So it’s probably no coincidence that the next opus is Cloverfield A young British screenwriter who falls into the hands of Barton. Ever since he made the series, he has a lot of love Giri / Haji For BBC Two and Netflix, a black thriller against the backdrop of culture shock between Japan and the United Kingdom. He also wrote a horror film The ritualStreamed on Netflix.

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According to Hollywood reporter, He has so far been hired by the company of Paramount Pictures and Bad Robot, JJ Abrams Cloverfield. No information on the content of this project has been filtered, except that it will not be shot. View found. In any case, this will be the fourth film, after which 10 Cloverfield Lane Dan Trechenberg (2016) and The Cloverfield Paradox by Julius Onah (2018), which were not direct sequences, constituted more of an expanding universe of license.

Joe Barton was also announced as the spinner for the series of HBO Max, a spin-off series on Batman’s universe. He will replace boardwalk empire producer Terence Winter, who left production due to artistic differences. Known by working title Gotham PD, This series will take the point of view of a corrupt cop in the most degenerate city in pop culture. The plot will be in the same continuity as Batman By Matt Reeves in which it will be a prequel of sorts.

To put both of these projects into practice, another film written by Barton should be released on Amazon Prime soon, Attack By Michael Pearce. As the title suggests, it will be an alien invasion, starring Riz Ahmed and Octavia Spencer.

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