A Netflix Series Project On The Deutreaux Case, This Is What It Would Look Like

A few weeks ago, in late 2021, an English production company based in London landed in Belgium. For several days, the company had installed its cameras at locations emblematic of the Deutrox case. Notably in the province of Luxembourg (the province in which Marc Dutroux kidnapped Letitia Delhez and was tried) but also in Flanders, off the Belgian coast (where Ain and FJ disappeared). To the best of our knowledge, gathered from a good source, the production company would have proposed this topic to Netflix, which would have shown interest.

But when you try to find out more: speed! “We are under a non-disclosure clause,” comments the London production company, which unfortunately could not reveal more. The secret, apparently, is well kept and wants to remain so. But still, according to our information, the report will be divided into four episodes. And it is the unused lead in this Titanic file that is the Deutrox case that will interest the video-on-demand platform. Therefore, a basic angle to highlight this matter known around the world.

not the only project

If nothing permits, at the time of writing these lines, to confirm with absolute certainty that the series will indeed end on Netflix, it remains that Deutreaux’s case seems to inspire directors at this point in time. Is. Belgian director Fabrice du Velz is producing a film on Deutrox with Benoit Polvoorde. And a few months ago, we revealed in our column that Sabine Darden and Letitia Delhez — two of Deutreaux’s victims — were approached by a production company. His story is interesting for Amazon Prime. Former VTM journalist, Thomas van Hemeledonck, wrote to the lawyers of the two young women to see if they would agree to be filmed and interviewed for the big-budget documentary. The documentary will consist of several episodes and its receipt will last more than a year. Me Jean-Philippe Rivier, Sabine Darden’s lawyer, whom we contacted at the time, commented on the matter. “I was given to understand that Sabine would be well paid for participating in this documentary, but she did not hesitate for a second: no! Every two months, from all over the world ( UK, Australia, Germany…) are requests for interviews, and Sabine declined.

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