A much awaited event: Kauaiza Tennis Tournament

After two years of forced rest due to a health condition, the Kauaiza Tennis Club tournament is rescheduled. In the last tournament, 55 players faced each other in 70 matches. Suffice it to say that for this edition, club members are looking forward to even more participants for even more sporting events around the courts. The club’s entertainment team is a pleasure to meet people in and around the court in a sporting and friendly atmosphere.

reconstructed court

Before the imprisonment, the two outer courts were refurbished. In addition, the club has a court inside the Espace Robert-Capdeville gymnasium in case of bad weather or bad weather. Odd’s surroundings will allow the viewer to contemplate the parts in the shadows and in freshness. Registrations are already open for the Couizanais tournament, which will take place from Saturday 7 to Saturday 21 May, It is open to players categorized from NC to 15/3 (senior men, senior+45 men and senior women). Attractive prizes will be awarded to the players by awarding prizes at the end of the events.

Registration must be effective before Wednesday 27 April With referee Laurent Vigne on 06 77 93 48 25, Joel Wittet on 06 83 27 53 11 or via the TEN’UP Federation website €15 for the painting and €25 for both.
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