A month to raise awareness about the fight against breast cancer

The sooner breast cancer is detected, the better the chances of being cured. Thanks to early detection, half of breast cancers are detected when the tumor is less than 2 cm.

This level of detection makes it possible to achieve very high cure rates while significantly reducing the aggressiveness of the therapies applied. That’s why educating yourself about breast cancer is important because it can save your life. By launching an information campaign on early detection and the fight against breast cancer, the city is getting involved and supporting the fight against these female cancers. Every year Pink October spreads awareness about breast cancer screening. Once again this year, it is necessary to remember the importance of early detection.

The campaign is recognizable by its international symbol: the pink ribbon.

“Small pink ribbons are available free of charge to Sauvignons. They can come and collect at the Town Hall and Medical Center receptions from October 1. The facades of the Town Hall and the Conservatory will be lit pink. Merchants of Sauvignons attached themselves to the campaign by pasting a poster on their window, that they thank them for it.”, refers to the mayor.

Free MIDI Correspondent: 06 33 73 89 49.

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