A midwife from the country of Venice testifies to the menstrual disorders that appeared in her patients after her vaccine – Covid Vaccine and Menstrual Disorders

Have you seen any woman who has complained of menstrual disturbances after her COVID vaccine injection?

I’ve had women who have testified since August of trouble, either amenorrhea, spotting, untimely bleeding, often after a second dose. Women who come to consult me ​​precisely for this symptom. At first some unintentionally told me it was after their vaccine, and since then I always ask if they have been vaccinated. We are seeing with the patient where it could be coming from. For a dozen of my patients, it was only the injections that I was able to correlate with menstrual disturbances, as the only changes in their journey. We have ruled out changes in contraception, major changes in life, etc. There is nothing to explain it apart from these injections.

“For a dozen of my patients, it was only the injections that I was able to correlate with menstrual disorders, as only their course changed.”

How do you support these women?

I did not order the tests because I was not given clear information about these side effects. I receive neither from the Council of the Order of the Midwife, nor from the Ars, although these institutions send us instructions regularly. I came to know about myself on the internet that these menstrual disorders could possibly be a side effect of the COVID vaccines. I can’t tell my patients how long this will last. I assure them by saying that the cycle is about to return. I suggest that they come back to me if they do not see any changes, and ask their questions to the person who vaccinated them, to report any adverse effects they may have. They all wonder if their fertility is at risk. I assure them by saying that their cycle is about to come back, and I suggest they come back after six months to take stock. Of those who reported trouble, none wanted to get pregnant.

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“It seems that women have missed periods and their fertility is affected for a few months, it’s not important.”

Health Minister Olivier Veran was quoted as saying by the National Medicines Safety Agency that these disorders are “temporary, transient and do not affect fertility in any way” … what do you think?

“Temporary and benign”, great, but would it be nice if he gave us the studies that prove it? I find this serious, it worries me. We do not yet pay attention to what is happening in the body of women. It seems that it doesn’t matter if women miss their periods and their fertility is affected for a few months. And clinical trials have never included effects on women and their cycles. After we have no sight, perhaps all vaccinated and unvaccinated women will soon be back in their cycles, but we don’t know. There are also many women who use this vaccine not for themselves, but for their families, and they experience a lot of stress at the time of vaccination. We cannot rule it out as a cause of menstrual disturbances.

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