A man in Britain was infected with bird flu

One person was infected with the avian flu virus. According to the report of the United Kingdom’s health protection agency NHS, it happened in the south-west of England. According to scientific experts, this is a rare case, but not a new one. And it does not represent a health risk to the population. However, what is worrying is the condition of poultry farms, where hundreds of thousands of slaughters are recorded.

The British case was reported by the NHS on Thursday. “All contacts of the person have been traced and there is no evidence of further spread of the infection to other people. The person is currently recovering and self-isolating. The health risk to the population is very low,” he said. the agency said in a note. Professor Mike Tildesley from the University of Warwick said: “I understand that the matter is under discussion, but the important thing to clarify is that human infections with H5N1 (avian virus, ed.) are really rare, less than 1000 worldwide since 2003, and almost always occurs as a result of direct and prolonged contact with poultry. It can cause a nasty infection for the individual in question, but has been associated with human-to-human development of H5N1. There has never been any evidence of long-term transmission. So for the time being, I would not consider it a significant risk to public health,” he concluded.

Avian influenza of the H5N1 strain has spread to farms in the UK, France and other regions of Central and Eastern Europe in recent months. France’s agriculture minister, Julien Denormandi, said around 650,000 chickens had been killed so far. There have been other mass murders in other parts of Europe.

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