A la Myre-Morya, ready to take a dive

This vaccination center opens on Monday morning, after a life-size test, Friday.

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He said, “There can be violent, violent patients. Let me tell you from experience because it happened in PSV. People wanted to vaccinate at all costs, they forced barriers. »Jean-Marc Cosson didn’t want to scare anyone but as a good health professional, he knows that prevention is better than cure. In the event of a patient who would have a bad reaction even before receiving the precious serum – only Pfizer at this time – everything is planned at the Myre-Mori vaccination center.

The solution is called Benjamin Foch. With his big arms as a rover that crossed the Atlantic as a team, the former rowing champion has some arguments to bring to his senses that would make a restless person disrupt an organization that does well Seems to be oil.

The municipality, which has been ready for several weeks, has shown resilience. In the space traditionally reserved for gymnasts, 150 patients per day can be vaccinated by Monday, March 29. For the commission, it was decided to open only 80 slots. On Friday 26 March, during the mock test held during the mid-day holiday, only 66 (1) were reserved. This figure reflects real enthusiasm, even though vaccination capacity in the city, which focuses on PSVs, will double from single.

Locker room interview

To run this new center from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, five days a week, three nurses, two doctors and three administrative staff dedicated to reception and guidance are needed. For example, not all of these will be away from the city, as the community will receive reinforcements from municipalities that are sometimes removed from the CAGV – for example Monflanquin, Castillonnès, Blanquefort-sur-Briolance, Massassès.

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Municipal employees, volunteers and even elected officials. Some mayors may also come and give a few hours of their time. Generalists and elected municipalities, Florence Granary, are responsible for finding doctors ready to take place in the locker room to meet with candidates for vaccination prior to injection. The health executive at PSV, Fabrice Marty, directs a battalion of about thirty volunteer nurses to take Bari and Sting, at the rate of one appointment every five minutes.

“A cocoon”

Refrigerators, which continuously record their temperature and have an alarm in the event of an incident, are set to receive a dose from the Regional Health Agency. The name of the benefit to the first patient is already known, as she is Anne-Marie Davelu-Chavin, the first deputy mayor and dean of the municipal corporation.

According to Fabrice Marty, who now has ten weeks of vaccination with PSV, all conditions are met: “The device is top-notch. There is respect for patients’ privacy and modesty. And this does not create a vaccinodrome. In the exhibition center, we do not get such a result. There, it is heated, it forms a cocoon. It is also decorated. “

In its best light the pictures of Villeneuve-sur-Laut are actually displayed everywhere, echoing the municipality’s dose: most often remembering how beautiful it is. Even those who bite.

(1) To make appointments at Dotolib or at 5335 for the 2000, at the Myre-Morya and PSV vaccination centers without distinction.

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