A Japanese team has developed a vaccine that eliminates the “zombie” cells responsible for aging

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A Japanese team has developed a vaccine to eliminate “zombie” cells that accumulate with age, leading to pathologies associated with aging of the body such as arterial sclerosis, kidney failure and even diabetes. becomes responsible for.

The results of their research have been published in the digital edition of the international scientific journal nature aging 10 December.

Juntendo University professor and research team member Minamino Toru confirmed that the mice that were vaccinated showed a reduction in the number of so-called “senescent” cells (which stopped their cell division but survived in the zombie state. ) at the level of their arteries that have hardened.

While cellular aging is a natural biological process, it can be advanced or exacerbated by, among other things, oxidative stress. Thus destroying senescent cells can prevent the onset of many diseases and prolong life expectancy.

Juntendo University in Tokyo

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