A huge coral reef discovered near Tahiti

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Scientists have “discovered” a healthy, rose-shaped giant coral reef more than 30 meters deep off the Tahiti Peninsula. In fact, it will be a well-known site for local divers. The research is supervised by UNESCO.

an exceptionally well-preserved reef

Scientists have unearthed a healthy, rose-shaped giant coral reef more than 30 meters deep off the coast of Tahiti, “It is one of the largest coral reefs in the world which is over 30 meters deep”, in a press release specifies UNESCO, which supports this scientific mission. “The immaculate condition of the rose-shaped corals and the extent of the area they cover make this a very unusual discovery,” the organization said.

The reef is three kilometers long and 30 to 65 meters wide, between 35 and 70 meters deep. UNESCO, Some giant corals are up to two meters in diameter. “It’s a little explored area. What we know well are areas between zero and 30 meters,” explains letitia headouin, marine biologist and coral specialist from the French CNRS research center and the environmental research organization Criobe.

known to the locals

This discovery really won’t be one for the locals. The site is well known to divers from the north of the peninsula. It is also a regular dive site for local clubs, which introduced it to scientists last year.

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