A horror film in which Animal Crossing revolves around a video game

CINEMA – Are the creators of Hardcore henry Will adapt an American short film to be released on just one festival. Entitled to Don’t peekThe film was made in prison last year.

Accessible and Comfortable, Video Games Animal Crossing: New Horizons Along with the imprisonment of many people on the planet, from the most die-hard Nintendo fans to the most curious. However, his spunky universe may find itself at the heart of a new horror film in the years to come, according to information time limit , By director and producer Timur Bekambetov.

The project will adapt Julian Terry’s short film, Don’t peek, Which has just aired in the official selection of the SXSW festival. Produced with six hands during the period of California imprisonment, Julian Terry’s film tells the story of a young woman who, during her playanimal Crossing, Begins to realize that the game’s various actions take place in his own room where he is, after all, not at all alone.

Julian Terry’s short film, which is not associated with Nintendo, was uploaded in October, from where it has been viewed a million times. “The secret is out! We convert Don’t peek In feature film !! Thanks a lot to everyone who helped make it viral! ” Julian Terry cheered on Twitter. In February, the young director told himself “Very proud»Of his success “A small film produced without a budget,” In his room.

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Known for his adaptation, in 2016, Peplum’s Ben hur , For its suspect Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Also to work with Angelina Jolie for her thriller Wanted: Choose Your Destiny, Timur Bekmambetov is also the creator of the adventurer Hardcore henry. Directed by Ilya Nayushular, the 2016 film was inspired by the video game through an already fully filmed first-person narration.

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