A Harmful Report for Sihame El Kouquibio

The report states that since 2012, the elected official has received exactly 1,363,622 euros in Flemish subsidies, says last news. Their family members have also benefited from these grants. He received compensation in the form of mileage allowance and volunteer allowance. “Sometimes the expenses were credited in a very strange way,” said Finance Minister Matthias Diependele.

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“For example, a relative of Ms. El Kouqibi kept an account of Let’s Go Urban. She sent an invoice for a meal voucher, but it was printed on company letterhead, where and with whom the family member actually worked. The non-profit organization had nothing to do,” explained the minister. “The same amount was always paid to the family members without any note or explanation. But these people have nothing to do with the non-profit association. was,” he said.

The Flemish Finance Inspectorate points to a “systematic and symptomatic abuse of Flemish subsidy flows”. She criticizes the way the subsidy was paid. Grants were often very easily distributed and decisions were made “very loosely and without commitment.”

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Moroccan-born Flemish MP Sihame El Kouakibi has been absent from parliament due to illness for more than a year. His official sick leave from October 2020, which ended on August 31, has been extended to the end of November. This extended leave prompted the Flemish Parliament to adopt new provisions limiting the income of elected representatives upon long-term illness absence.

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