A group of organizations call for an end to repression in Algeria

A group of organizations and human rights defenders in Algeria have called on the Algerian authorities to end a new wave of repressions and restrictions on rights and freedoms in the country.

“Organizing and meeting are constitutional rights! Not to criminalize civil activities: political, allies and unions! Release the prisoners of conscience and the journalists! , One reads in the declaration-petition of these organizations.

she calls “The immediate end of the arrest, prosecution and administrative procedures against political, social, allied and union actors and their organizations”, as well as repeal illegitimate freedom-killing laws “Adopted to face the democratic demands of the popular diamond”.

infringement of the right to organize “At the cost of shameful wave of oppression, which does not spare any corporation (academics, journalists, lawyers, civil servants…), is an irresponsible escalation that mortgages the future of the country and the unity of society”, condemn the signatories of this declaration.

They also call for the immediate release of all prisoners of conscience, their rehabilitation and the quashing of all existing proceedings against organizations – political parties, unions, unions – that run public life. Nationals regulate living together in Algeria.

“The current drift crushes all of Algeria’s international commitments in respect of human rights and puts it on the embargo of nations”, they’re sorry.

According to the signatories of this declaration, “The repressive attacks on the assembly and organization against the Algerians’ freedom and their constitutional rights to expression have escalated alarmingly in early 2022”.

They recall that a political organization, the Resemblement des Jeunes Pour l’Algerie (RJPA), born among others, from Hirak’s popular outflow for democratic change, is the target of the security steamer today.

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The statement also referred to the case of the Resemblement por la Culture et la Democratée (RCD), which was notified as a warning on January 5. “The use of its headquarters for activities that do not comply with the purposes provided for by it by law”.

She points out that this opposition party has actually been threatened with hosting an initiative to begin on December 24. “Popular Front Against Repression”.

The suppression of the popular diamond continues on several levels, with the signatories of this document regretting that the arrests of civilians for their publications, especially their support for detainees, have never stopped for two years, and until May 2021 has deteriorated from Today peak at over 245 prisoners of conscience.

This repression, reinforced by the unrighteous Article 87 bis of the penal code, seeks to terrorize any desire to settle, old or new, warns the declaration.

When legal parties such as the Socialist Workers Party (PST) and the Union for Change and Progress (UCP) are threatened with dissolution, the decision to dissolve the Association Resemblment Actions Genesee (RAJ) has suffered, said Fethi Gheras, a historical leader of the political party. The Democratic and Social Movement (MDS), which has been in jail for more than six months, is angry.

“Repression today is an attack on trade union rights. Many trade unions from social sectors, struggling to protect their moral and social interests, have been subjected to security checks in recent weeks, and the repression of actors and political demands. The now-classic model of K is at risk of criminal prosecution”The statement continues.

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“Algerians are prohibited from autonomous organization of any kind: this is unacceptable!”, They are condemned, emphasizing that the Algerian people’s desire to stop the organized protest does not preclude any means of repression.

Signatories to the declaration include the Algerian League for the Defense of Human Rights (LADDH), the “Repost Internationale”, the Association “Agir por le Developement et la Democratie en Algerie” (ACDA), the trade union Confederation of Productive Forces (ACDA). Huh. COSYFOP), Youth Rally for Algeria (RJPA), National Autonomous Union of Public Administration Staff (SNAPAP), as well as a large number of journalists, lawyers, university professors, politicians and civil society representatives.

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