A feature will eventually allow the most ecological routes to be displayed on Google Maps

Currently, when we search for a route using the Google Maps application, the proposed routes are chosen according to travel time, whether motorway sections are taken or possible road works that may block the road . But last week, Google announced improvements to its route tool: it would now be able to display the most ecological routes.

Google Maps is one of Google’s many artificial intelligence-based services. This use of AI allows many uses of Google’s flagship service, such as the one recently proposed by the firm: by default, offering the most ecological route, namely, the one that emits the least CO.2 When two trips of approximately equal duration are made from the algorithm that operates the root tool. Dan Glasgow, the vice president responsible for the products, says that it really saves time. The fastest route will be emphasized. However, the most environmentally friendly route will be mentioned and it will be possible to compare the carbon footprint of the two routes to make their decisions.

To develop this innovation, the US giant has partnered with the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Lab as part of this collaboration. The researchers’ expertise enabled data scientists and Google developers to modify route decision algorithms in such a way as to take aspects such as traffic jams or slowdowns due to the degree of road tilt.

With an environmental approach, Google has also developed an alert allowing drivers to know when they are in the low CO emission zone.2. The system will be available in France from June. Regarding the ecological routes, Google hopes to be able to launch its innovation during the year 2021 and eventually extend this functionality all over the world.

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