A doctor from the Laureate was called before the Council of the Order of Physicians in protest against the health pass

near 150 people The laureates gathered in front of the Departmental Council of the Order of Physicians at around 7 pm on Tuesday. Demonstration of support for Genevieve Bourgeois, geriatrician at St. Jean’s Hospital in Briare. he was called by order for him protest against health pass For the caregivers.

An interview at the end of which the geriatrician emerges. She does not say that she opposes the vaccine itself, but opposes the principle of forcing caregivers to vaccinate. “The meeting, regarded as a fraternity, included asking him questions about his opinion on the state of health, followed by an email exchange he had with a coworker who opposed the vaccination obligation of caregivers. was angry to.”, points out his lawyer, Jerome Triumph.

This is no longer scientific, but political

Lawyers are concerned about the situation: “One would almost rebuke these doctors for their deep faith, namely the independence and courage to express the doctor’s conscience. If we start touching it, I’m afraid we’ll end up with state medicine.“The old man’s husband, Samuel Bourgeois, who had come to support his wife, goes even further.”Here we come across something that is no longer scientific but political. And we know the results will be important to our family“, he sighs, specifying that there have been no deaths from Covid at the hospital where his wife works.

About 150 people came in support of geriatrics before the departmental council of the Order of Physicians. © Radio France
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Currently on leave, the geriatrician does not know whether she will be suspended when she returns. The file is with the regional health agency. a new one The performance is scheduled for 10:30 a.m. In front of the Regional Hospital of Orleans (CHRO) this Wednesday. Rally to support suspended caregivers for protesting health passes at the initiative of CGT.

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