A digital program for cognitive health takes root in Charlevoix

Thanks to the first collaboration between Living Lab Charlevoix, which was led by President of Innovation and Research in Emergency Medicine, and Lucilab, a Quebec company with a social mission, Charlevoix aged between 45 and 70 has access to a free web application. can create an account. ,

Based on science, the Lucy program aims to promote the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits that are recognized for their favorable effects on brain health.

Lucy focuses on three factors that protect cognitive health: physical activity, healthy eating, and intellectual stimulation. According to demographic data, the average age of the population of Charlevoix is ​​about 10 years older than that of the entire province.

“The trend of population aging strongly affects rural areas. There is a great need for solutions aimed at promoting the physical and cognitive health of adults and senior citizens in the regions,” said Dr. Richard Fleet, Emergency Physician, Psychologist and Living Lab. Says the founder of Charlevoix.

By collaborating with LuciLab, Living Lab Charlevoix specifically aims to measure the appreciation of the Lucy program by users and the ability to implement such digital solutions through its network of public partners, parapublics and the community.

“Charlevoix is ​​distinguished by its creativity, open mind, and its commitment. It is the perfect population to test out innovation like Lucy, in my opinion.”

Even today, disparities in access to health care and services remain between rural and urban areas. For example, Canadian patients treated in rural hospitals are 20% more likely to die of stroke than patients treated in urban hospitals, and stroke patients in rural Quebec have a higher mortality rate than their fellow citizens in major centers. 3.4 times higher in comparison.

“Accessibility is a core value of LuciLab. Ultimately, we want all Quebecers with modifiable risk factors for cognitive decline to have access to our services, regardless of their postal code,” said LuciLab President Marc-André Chagan says.

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