A dazzling fifth wave under the sign of Omicron Edition

Appearing in mid-December, Omicron blew up COVID figures in the Guyana region. During this, 35 people lost their lives due to the epidemic. Omicron, reputed to be more contagious but less virulent than Delta, may also have contributed to this mortality.


If the number of cases of the Omicron variant has broken records since the beginning of the epidemic in our region, it has had less serious consequences than its predecessors. Dr. Cyril Rousseau epidemiologist at Public Health France recalls that Omicron was successful in the delta version by rapidly spreading but for 3 weeks he notes: ” …we’re going to have a much more reasonable number…so this wave will be particularly low, with very few hospitalizations…”

In recent times, the incidence rate has halved. A phenomenon not linked to declining screening rates, but Dr. Rousseau specifies: “… for a reduction in the number of people showing signs of being infected with the virus. Therefore it is a natural decrease observed during all waves …”.

The Omicron version that appeared in mid-December nearly superseded the Delta version. A shorter wave, which allows Guyana and Mayotte to dissipate more quickly. They The only department in France to have recorded such a drastic drop in incidence rates.

The worst must be behind us with regards to Omicron, according to the expert. Still, Barely 40% of people vaccinated And the possible arrival of a new version, it’s not sure the field is doing so well.

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