A cultural collective seizes justice

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29/12/2021 19:05

A cultural group on Tuesday filed an appeal to repeal the restrictive anti-Covid 19 measures imposed by the authorities in Belgium, as well as request a suspension from the State Council, announced the Federation of Performing Arts Employers (FEAS) . players in this initiative

The cultural sector said it wanted to launch the appeal a day after a December 22 consultation committee, during which members of the government called for the closure of all cultural venues to deal with a rise in cases of contamination with the Omicron version of the coronavirus. decided to do

“The purpose of this appeal is no more or less than the royal decree to overturn the decision taken by the Concertation Committee (Kodeco) of last 22 December and formalize it to close all cinemas and cinemas. This measure is really unfounded. is unreasonable and completely disproportionate”, points out FEAS, which expects a decision by the State Council by the end of the week.

In addition to FEAS, League of Human Rights (LDH), Les Nocturnes (Luc Petit), Chamber of Theaters for Children and Youth (CTEJ), The Network of Professionals in Cultural Centers (ASTRAC), Technical Suppliers Yes Event, Association of Cultural Centers (ACC), Association of Professional Programmers (ASSPROPRO), Federation of Independent Culture (FCI), Comédie de Bruxelles and Théâtre du Trocadero are on the initiative of this appeal.

The concert committee’s decision to close the cultural sites caused a wave of protest outside the cultural sector as well.

A demonstration took place in Brussels on Sunday against these measures and many places of culture have decided to remain open despite the ban.

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