A complaint requires Apple to provide a charger in the box

Apple no longer provides a charger in the iPhone box. Angered by the brand’s decision, Chinese students filed a complaint against the California firm. He alleged that Apple removed the free charger to promote MagSafe charging.

In 2020, Apple stopped including a charger and a pair of wired AirPods headphones in the box of its iPhones. The power supply unit is now sold separately at the Apple Store. To justify this controversial decision, the American giant noted ecological concern. By reducing the size of boxes, Apple saves on mass transportation and ultimately reduces its carbon footprint. The firm also believes that most buyers already have a mains charger available.

Unfortunately for Apple, moving away from the included charger went unnoticed. in china, a coalition of several university students As reported by the Shanghai Law Journal, California filed a lawsuit against Brand. In a lawsuit filed in a Beijing court, he demanded that Apple again provide a charger in the box of iPhones.

Apple is accused of removing the included charger to push users towards MagSafe charging

One of the students of the Alliance was surprised to find a mains charger not in the box of their brand new iPhone 12 Pro Max. Even worse, there’s a Lightning to USB-C cable included in the box Not compatible with older chargers Sphere supplied by Apple. Some users still have a charger with a USB-A port and no USB-C port. In fact, these users, who are still equipped with the brand’s old accessories, will have to go back to the cash desk for a new charger.

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The coalition accused Apple of abandoning the chargers offered to push users towards MagSafe magnetic charging. The Silicon Valley giant has actually inaugurated MagSafe Charge, which comes with new paid-for stuff, at the same time that the power supply unit was abandoned. Hence the complaint demands the return of the accessory in the box.

Apple retaliated by recalling it Many brands sell smartphones with chargers. Same is the case with Google or Samsung. This is not the first complaint due to the abandonment of the charger in the iPhone box. In March, Apple was fined $2 million in Brazil for dropping the charger.

Source : Shanghai Law Journal

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