A comical historical error slipped through in Season 2…Did you notice it?

season 2 Bridgerton Chronicle Contains a comical historical error related to one of the most adorable characters in the series produced by Shonda Rhimes on Netflix. did you notice it?

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Released March 25, Season 2 Bridgerton Chronicle Captured the hearts of Netflix subscribers. As expected, these new episodes broke viewership records, with the sequel breaking the record previously held by Salvo. It must be said that after the love story centered on Daphne and Simon, Anthony (Jonathan Bailey) and Kate (Simone Ashley) had nothing to be jealous of. If you want two lovebirds fall back in love more than ever in season 3 Bridgerton ChronicleThe sequel will still focus on another brother, With each new season, the production team takes care to engage the audience in the social life of the 19th century. Most of the time, it’s fairly successful: whether it’s the set, the outfit, the accessories… everything immerses us in the universe, everything except… Newton, a corgiWhile this adorable breed of dogs didn’t exist at that time!

Newton, the corgi of the Sharma sisters shouldn’t be present in season 2 Bridgerton Chronicle

As adorable as he is, Kate and Edwina’s dog Newton really is A comical historical error on the part of the production… As revealed by animal history lecturer Stephanie Howard-Smith slate, Corgis were not yet built at that time: “Until recently, everything I knew about corgis can be summarized in one sentence: the Welsh shepherd dog dearly loved by Queen Elizabeth II. But, intrigued by Newton’s presence at Bridgeton, I am in the historical record. I’ve gone on a corgi hunt.” Eventually, after much research, he realized that corgis did not exist in the 18th or early 19th century. These little dogs were taken to the UK Vikings or Flemish immigrantsBut genetically they are related to Collies.

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Who is Newton, the star dog of Bridgerton Chronicle ,

If Newton should not exist in the series, This adorable dog is still admirable. Like his co-stars on the show, Newton, real name Austin, is an actor like no other, He started his career two and a half years ago. In 2019, he managed to land The Role of the Corgi of Queen Elizabeth 2 in the series Windsor, a royal dynasty, broadcast on the American channel CNN. Yes, that’s all! Between Takes, Austin Sometimes Poses As a model for the Amazon site.

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