A bug made video feed from Eufy surveillance cameras accessible to other users

Recently, users of Ufee surveillance cameras had a strange surprise while using their app. They were able to watch other users’ video streams, either live or recorded cloud. In addition, they were able to access the alert log and even control some motorized cameras (vertical or horizontal rotation of the lens) located elsewhere in the world.

To access their own video stream again, users must log out and then log back into their account, as well as restart the camera. While they were waiting for a solution to the problem, others unplugged their surveillance cameras.

A spokesperson for the manufacturer Anker, the parent company of Eufy, told our partners Slashgear That the problem was caused by a bug while updating the server. The problem affected only 0.001% of users and was corrected two hours later.

Also to find in the video:

The bug affected cameras located in the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Cuba, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. It only deals with surveillance cameras. Fortunately, other products such as Smart Lock and Baby Monitor have not been affected.

This bug is in any case a bad promotion for a manufacturer specializing in security products.

The source : Slashgear

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