A bat leaves Britain and takes a record flight, but a cat kills it in Russia

Starring bat killed by cat attack on record 2,018 kilometer journey from Britain to Russia. A female animal from Nathusius was found two days ago by Svetlana Lapina, a resident of the village of Molgino in the Pskov region.

The bat, weighing 8 grams and measuring about an inch in size, had the London Zoo branding on its wings. Informing of the discovery, the Bat Conservation Trust reconstructed the Nathusius voyage and validated the record for the longest migration ever made from England, as well as the second so far in Europe after Nathusius. The longest migration has been recorded, which traveled 2,224 km in 2019. Latvia to Spain.

“It is a remarkable journey, the longest known across Europe as the Great Britain bat. What an Olympic athlete,” said Lisa Verlage, director of conservation services at the Bat Conservation Trust. A glory that the unfortunate animal could enjoy for a very short time.

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