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Former US President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and his senior advisor, Jared Kushner, has inaugurated a foundation to support relations between Arab countries that have recently normalized with Israel under his Abraham Accord, which Kushner Helped to make. It happened

Kushner took the first step to create this foundation, called Abraham’s Peace Accord Foundation, which Israel intended to deepen agreements with Morocco, Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan, in addition to encouraging generalization among Arabs last year. Had established from. Countries and Israel, without determining the location of its headquarters, or the official date of commencement of its activities.

According to the American site Axios, the foundation, which describes itself as a political and non-profit organization, will be funded by financial donations. During Trump’s tenure, Rob Greenway, a former senior adviser to the National Security Council, will serve as the foundation’s executive director. He will join Israeli-American businessman Ham Saban, former US envoy Avi Berkowitz, Bahrain’s Ambassador to Washington Abdelah Rashid al-Khalifa, as well as Israeli Foreign Affairs Minister Gabi Ashkenazi. Representatives from Morocco and Sudan are expected to join soon.

The Foundation will focus on increasing trade and tourism between the 5 symbolic countries of the Abrahamic Agreements (Israel, Bahrain, Emirates, Morocco and Sudan) to develop programs to strengthen people-to-people relations, So that profit analysis can be presented. If they sign the agreement, who can benefit other Arab countries.

On the other hand, Kushner set out to write a book about his contribution to the Abraham Accord, which should include other countries, according to an article he himself wrote for the Wall Street Journal, and where he said: “We are looking. What the Arab-Israeli conflict calls the ultimate aberration. The Arab world no longer boycott the Jewish state, but bets on its prosperity ”.

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