“99 Flake”: Why Britain is Running Out of Candy Bars

Due to the rapid vaccination campaign, all the difficulties of the British have ended. All Privatization? No: Bad news for all soft ice cream lovers in the UK.

British manufacturer Cadbury’s popular “99 Flake” chocolate bars are becoming rare. “Flakes” are traditionally served with softened ice cream. Cadbury’s parent company Mondelez confirmed to The Irish Times that there had been an unexpectedly high rise in demand recently.

This bottleneck caused a stir in the social network. “Haven’t we suffered enough?” One user asked. Others jokingly said that “summer is as good as canceled”. The satirical account Larry the Cat tweeted on Monday evening: “Ending the lockdown is hardly worth it.”

Mondelez assured that the company was fully working to solve the problem.

A name of ambiguous origin

The shortage clearly has nothing to do with the trade turmoil that led to Brexit. The Guardian quoted a Mondelez spokeswoman as saying that he did not expect demand to pick up. One problem: “Flax” is a type of custom-made product for ice cream sundaes and are smaller than chocolate bars that are sold to consumers in supermarkets.

They are made not only near Dublin in Ireland, but also in Egypt, outside the capital Cairo. Obviously, this makes it difficult to increase supply quickly.

So British soft ice cream fans are already discussing alternatives on social media, such as the use of “Kinder Buenos”. Others jokingly call for a mass demonstration against the lack of biscuits – even though the weather in Great Britain is not currently inviting for ice cream.

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The exact origin of the popular candy’s name is not clear. Many Britons believe the name had something to do with the pricing of “99”. There is also speculation that this may be the house number under which “flex” was first produced.

Apparently this is much more likely for the producer: Mondelez spread the legend that the number goes back to the “99 guards of the Italian king” – and simply symbolizes exquisite quality.

The extent to which it goes with soft ice cream is not clear.

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