9 Symptoms That Can Last 2 Years After Infection

Two years after the coronavirus infection, Half of hospitalized patients still have at least one symptom, according to the longest follow-up study available to date. Researchers followed 1,192 participants infected with Sars-CoV-2 during the first phase of the epidemic in China in 2020. The result was published in . Lancet Respiratory Medicine,

Covid-19: After 2 years, patients’ health is still worse than general population

The analysis shows that physical and mental health has improved over time, but it also shows that Former covid-19 patients still have poor health and quality of life compared to general population, And this is especially true for people with a prolonged COVID, who still have at least one symptom two years after infection.

“Our results suggest that for a certain proportion of hospitalized Covid-19 survivors, although they were able to overcome the initial infection, It takes more than two years to fully recover from the disease, Continued follow-up of coronavirus survivors, especially those with long lasting symptomsIt is necessary to understand the longer course of the disease, in order to ascertain the benefits of rehabilitation programs for recovery, said Professor Bin Cao of Japan-Japan Friendship Hospital in China and lead author of the study.

To get these results, scientists followed living patients hospitalized with COVID-19. at six months, 12 months and two years, These assessments include: six minute walk testlaboratory testing and symptom questionnaireThe mental health, health-related quality of life, return to work and post-vacation health care access. The negative effects of prolonged COVID on quality of life, exercise capacity, mental health and health care access were determined by comparing participants with and without prolonged Sars-CoV-2 symptoms. Two-year health outcomes were determined through a control group with no history of COVID-19 infection.

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result ? Several symptoms have been identified in former patients two years after infection., We tell you about this in the pictures.

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