8pm news – Coronavirus: 20 million vaccinated in mid-May, is it achievable?

Immunization personnel, this Friday, March 5, 250,000 people received an injection in France, a record since the start of the vaccination campaign. The goal now is to keep pace, Jean Castex promises At least 20 million people will be vaccinated by mid-May. Is it achievable?

Yes, but on condition of lifting one gear but for that, vaccination is necessary Almost four times more than today, 7 days a week. Therefore, the government has decided to provide means. Until now, there was also a recession or termination of vaccination during the weekend. Health Minister does not want it anymore, He announced a mass vaccination on Thursday, knowing that currently 400,000 doses of AstraZeneca were to be sold.

And to sell them, everything is implemented, with the inauguration of the army raised this weekend Four military hospitals All over France. At Essonne, it was firefighters who created additional vaccines that were almost capable of vaccination 1,800 people in two days. Nursing staff have also been mobilized.

That is why the government has mounted great means on the meter, because the objective is not attainable. If 250,000 people are vaccinated every dayIncluding weekends.

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