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LONDON – The UK vaccination campaign is moving forward, setting a new record on Saturday with the administration of 873,784 doses in a single day.
In total, 52% of the adult population was vaccinatedOver 27 million people. The operation is managed by the National Health System and employs an army of several lakh volunteers.

It occurs by age group with people invited by text message, letter or telephone. Booking appointments based on year of birth was preferred to those already suffering from severe deformity. The goal is to have the entire adult population vaccinated by the end of JulyHowever, due to the recession of vials coming from India in the next few weeks, the dose administered daily may decrease.
I want to involve everyone, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Twitter. Please get vaccinated when called.

The vaccination campaign proved to be a success for the Johnson government, Which began investing generously in early May for the development of the vaccine and the generous pre-purchase dose, also thanks to the intuition of Kate Bingham, a biotech expert who put Johnson on top of the vaccine task force. If on one side Schools have reopened, Which had been closed since mid-December in most parts of the country, on the other hand UK stays in lockdown.

At the moment it is allowed to walk with an acquaintance outside our family, but we will have to wait March 29 for the return of the rule of six, or authorization to meet in open places, parks or backyard of six people (Or two families, regardless of the number of children).

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12 AprilAccording to the roadmap announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson in February, Shops, pubs and restaurants should reopen Where drinks can only be followed outside and only the rule of six. From May 17, gatherings of 30 people will be allowed to go out, While the rule of six will apply inside. Movies and theaters will reopen, but they will have to implement rules to reduce vacancy and capacity. On 21 June, however, all anti-Kovid measures are expected to endHowever, for now it has not been ruled out that the ban on foreign travel will remain in force. Fear are new forms of the virus that are likely resistant to vaccines.

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