85-year-old grandfather has millions of views on Tickcock

Pianist in his spare time, Alan Melinak, 85, was convinced by his grandchildren: he now has his own account on Tickcock, Where Internet users are revealing his talent.

It was Classic Radio that showed off the feats of octogenarian shares on the social network via the @Pianograndad account. On online video from mid-February, we see her performing Classical pieces and jazz. This music enthusiast performs his rehearsal on 1/4 grand piano from his home located in Watford in north-east London, specifying our colleagues.

His videos are extremely popular and have been commented on By users of TikTok, a social network popular with young people. They are already done Viewed by over 800,000 customers. For those in whom he performs the pieces of Frédéric Chopin – his favorite composer – he alone accumulates tens of thousands of scenes.

Tribute to his wife who died of cancer

Among the songs that have won their audiences the most, we find Turkish Rondo Written by Mozart; but Revolutionary study (N ° 12), Polish n ° 6 (Veer), as well as Nishachar n ° 2, His favorite piece of wife, who died of cancer 15 years ago. These last three pieces are clearly Chopin’s signature.

In his video, Alan Merlink regularly appeals to the generosity of Internet users to fight against cancer.. In addition, it is a tribute to his wife, met in the 50s, at a jazz club where he performed parallel to his studies to become a dentist, that he continued to play despite missing, comments Classic radio.

It is mainly at home that he dedicates himself to it, in the company of his five daughters and 14 grandchildren. By 2020, Alan Mlenk also used to Every month, in front of about thirty members of a third-age university. One activity that unfortunately ended with the coronavirus epidemic is observing radio. It is for this reason that one of his granddaughters, whom he teaches piano, had the idea of ​​registering at TickTalk.

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