7th G5 Sahel Summit: Fight against terrorism and development issues at center of debate

Monday, February 15, 2021 at 21:20

N’Djamena- Issues related to the fight and development against terrorism were at the center of the debate, which came to the 7th summit on Monday in N’Djamena, the leaders of the Sahel countries and their allies, including Morocco, in the G5 Sahel.

The heads of the G5 Sahel member countries (Mauritania, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Chad) reviewed the progress in the fight against terrorism, discussing the means of advancing development in the country.

Chad President Marshall Idriss Debbie Itno argued in his opening speech that the eradication of terrorism undoubtedly requires concrete development work, inviting his peers to create an environment conducive to the socio-economic integration of youth.

“Financing of development programs and projects is a first-order imperative”, he considered in the sense that G5 Sahel’s investment program constitutes a sign qualification non in the fight against terrorism.

The Chadian head of state called on the international community to redouble its financial efforts to work essentially for the development of the Sahel as a “breeding ground for poverty, terrorism”.

“At the end of the tunnel it is not always conceivable (…) that the mobilization of the G5 Sahel countries should be supported and strengthened by the entire international community” and I thank the friendly countries for more contributions at the same time His invaluable efforts ”, he added.

Several speeches punctuated the inauguration ceremony, including the head of Mauritian President Mohammed Aulad al-Ghazouni, Saad Deen El Otmani, the current president of G5 Sahel, the president of Ghana Rana Akfu-Addo, the current chairman of Ecowas and the chairman of the African Union Commission Warts Fake Mahatam.

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Mr. L. Ottmani, who leads a delegation representing HM King Mohammed VI at this summit, indicated that a permanent victory against terrorism would be in the field of human development and that the fight against this crisis was political, economic, social , Will continue on intellectual. And human.

“We are not and we were ever spectators of what is happening in the Sahel”, Mr. L. Ottmani said.

This two-day summit focuses specifically on counter-terrorism efforts, development issues in service to the people, as well as the development of G5 Sahel’s works.

Chad, who holds the rotating chair of G5 Sahel during this year, wants to consult with his colleagues, a new dynamic by putting G5 Sahel in the service of the people.

At the end of N’Djaména’s work, the current presidency of the G5 Sahel will go to President Idris Debbie Itano, who is the successor of Mauritania’s President Muhammad Aulad al-Ghazouni.

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