7 Questions About Q-School: 600 Darters From Beer Drinker to Professional, Rob Krauss Wants to Chase

Do you always brag to your friends at the pub that you can play darts so well? Or do you take darts too seriously? Thus, and everything in between, will be playing darts for his life from Thursday morning.

Really! Because if you manage to get a tour card at Q-School starting on Thursday – you can try to end up on big stages. For example, Rob Cross did this in 2016 and a year and a half later became the world champion!

What is this?
The Qualification School, in other words the Q School, is the annual tournament where PDC players defend their Tour cards. New darts players try to take them away with big dreams.

Where is it played and what is it worth?
For the first time this year there will be 2 locations: in British Wigan, for all Darters in the United Kingdom and in German Hildesheim for the rest of Europe. Darters from other parts of the world can choose where they want to be thrown. To participate you will have to pay around 500 Euros. In addition, travel and accommodation are at your own expense.

Who participates?
A tour card is valid for 2 years. So Darter, who won his Tour card in January 2016, has now lost it. until they win their Tour card back at Q-School. This only applies to players who are not in the top 64 of the PDC Order of Merit. The darts who got the tour card in 2017 are still safe. So there are only over 30 tour tickets left which are now being issued which are being contested.

Are there any famous darts players?
So you see well-known darts players on the registration list, but also lots of newbies. For example, Danny Knoppert tries to switch from BDO to PDC and Colin Lloyd, a legend from the 90s, also participates.

Surprisingly, Co StompĂ©’s name is not on the list, while a few months ago he said he was going to try again to get a Tour card. We also wonder why he is not registered. We do our best to find out the reason!

How can you win?
Over 600 people have registered for the 4-day tournament. Every day until the final is played and includes. In England, the 2 finalists of each day automatically receive a Tour card. Only the winner of each day in Germany.

How many cards are there?
33 Tour cards are at stake. After the cards are dealt (12 in total), there are 21 cards left. They are distributed on the basis of a points system. As a darts player advances one round, he is awarded 1 point. 21 players (in England and Germany together) get other cards. So if you make it to the quarterfinals every 4 days, you have a good chance that you will receive a tour card.

What are you allowed to do with a tour card?
Compete in all 13 Euro Tour tournaments, 6 UK Open Qualifiers, 22 Players Championships and the Grand Slam of the World Cup and Darts Qualifiers!

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